Charles Mignon Champagne Grand Cru NV

Charles Mignon Champagne Grand Cru NV Description: Pours with a very coarse foam, which quickly fades, but has a strong chardonnay champagne aroma so you know this is not just a sparkling wine. The fizz remains in the wine and explodes in your mouth making it very quite sharp to the taste. This may be fine for a party environment but it may be too harsh to be drunk in a more intimate setting, where a finer foam would be better. It has a good taste in the mouth of light fruits in a complex developing way, so sipping and enjoying each mouthful is the way to drink it. Nicely packaged, and as this is priced for the Christmas Party period there is no excuse not to serve real Champagne at your event.

This Champagne is part of the Aldi Super Premium Christmas range for 2012.

Region: France, Epernay
Grapes: 55% Pinot Noir, 45% Chardonnay
Price: £22.99
ABV: 12%
Closure: Cork, with a wire cage
Source: Aldi
Occasion: Celebrations, on its own
3 / 5 stars